JesusSites uses volunteers from all over the world to webmaster websites for the glory of our Lord. Webmasters for JesusSites are skilled in website development, custom graphics, and Internet Protocols and procedures. They are available to build your website for you, assist your webmaster in building your website, or help manage your website after it is built.


You have a Webmaster

We support your existing webmaster and provide online training and support for their work on your website. Our webmasters have a broad spectrum of Internet skills. Help and support comes from the collective database of skills our webmasters have acquired.

In the event you lose your webmaster, JesusSites can step in and run your website for you either until you find a replacement or on-going as your webmaster. This is a free service for most depending on you website needs and requirements. If your website is labor intensive some charges may be incurred.


You don't have a Webmaster

In the event you do not have a webmaster for your organization, we can build your website for you and maintain it - most free of cost depending on your website needs and requirements. Our CMS (Content Management Software) makes it possible to build a website that can update the contents of the pages by people with very limited computer skills. Our webmasters take care of the technical aspects of your website and your people do the daily or weekly updating of individual pages on your website. Your people just need to be able to run our CMS WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor which looks and functions very much like MS Word.


You want to be a Webmaster for JesusSites

JesusSites seeks Webmasters or wanna be webmasters. Veteran Webmasters and their skills are needed to increase the knowledge of our Webmasters database. We work with all levels of new or beginning Webmasters to bring them up to productive speed for service in our Lords work.


If you want to be a Webmaster for JesusSites in your area and in the world - contact us today!